Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Yes, we highly recommend all our guests needing a consultation set up an appointment.  Our specialized fitters and cosmetologists work personally with each guest and we want to make sure there is enough time allotted. We welcome you to stop in to pick out scarves, hats, swim suites, or just to see what we offer.

What should I bring to my scheduled appointment?

If we are billing your insurance* for your prescribed items, please bring along your insurance cards (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, etc)

Also, you will need a to bring along your current prescription for the billable items.  You may choose to have it faxed over by your medical practitioner’s office.  Our fax number is (920) 393-4913.

* Prior approval is required from your insurance on items prescribed prior to purchase.

How long should I expect an appointment to last?

We schedule an hour and a half to our guests who are undergoing hairloss due to chemotherapy.  Some appointments take 20 minutes, some the entire scheduled appointment if you also want to look at hats and scarves.

For our first time guests – being fitted for bras and prosthesis, expect an hour and a half.  Some appointments do not last as long especially if you have experienced fittings in the past and know what you are looking for.

If I am reordering items, do I need an appointment?

If you are a new guest to us, and we are billing your items to your insurance company, you will need to schedule a New Guest Fitting with our Certified Mastectomy Fitter.

If you have been fit previously with in the past year, you have not experienced any weight loss or gain, and all your items are fitting well, but need new from wear, feel free to call or email us your order.  Info@NellsWigsBoutique.com or (920) 393-4912


Who do I call for insurance coverage on billable items?

Start with your primary insurance company.  The number for customer service will be located on your insurance card.  If your primary does not cover your item, call your secondary, tertiary, etc.

Find out if the item(s) you medically need (have a current prescription for) are a covered benefit under your insurance plan.

If the items are covered under your insurance plan, find out how many you are allowed per year and how many you are allowed at a time.  (Quantity/Frequency)

Does Nell's bill directly to my insurance?

If we are an in-network provider for the item(s) you are purchasing, yes, we will bill your insurance directly.  You will still need to meet your deductible, pay for any co-insurance amounts, and above and beyond. These are due at time of service.

Bring along to your appointment, your insurance cards (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, etc) and a current prescription for items needing to be billed.

Please arrive for your appointment 10 minutes early to fill out the proper insurance paperwork.

What happens if I am covered for items and you are not in my network? 

Generally, if we are an out-of-network provider, we encourage our guests to contact their insurance to see if they will allow this particular purchase to be covered at an in-network level.  Insurance companies call this a preauthorization or a network gap exception.

A network gap exception is a tool health insurance companies use to compensate for gaps in their network of contracted health care providers. When your health insurer grants you a network gap exception, also known as a clinical gap exception, it’s allowing you to get health care from an out-of-network provider while paying the lower in-network cost-sharing fees.

You will still need to meet your deductible and pay for any co-insurance amounts, and may be requested to pay these at time of service.

Will my insurance cover the items I need?

We highly recommend you contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage for the items you are looking to be reimbursement for.  If your insurance says they will cover the items, please be proactive, get everything in writing or a reference number, including the insurance representatives name you spoke with.

You will also need to obtain a prescription for medical necessity, from your medical practitioner, for the billable items.  Bring this with you to your initial appointment.  You may also have your practitioner’s office fax it to us at (920) 393-4913.

Will my insurance cover my mastectomy swimsuit and swim prosthesis?

Most insurance policy/plans cover what Medicare deems medically necessary. Medicare does not cover mastectomy swimsuits or swim prostheses. We encourage you to check with your individual insurance policy or Health Savings Account (HSA) to find out your benefits.

Mastectomy Boutique

Do I need to see a fitter?

If we are billing items to your insurance company, it is required by insurance guidelines, you will need to be fit by a Certified Mastectomy Fitter.

When should I schedule an appointment?

Because each woman heals at a different rate, we recommend you contact your medical provider to see when you are able to be fit for your bras and prostheses.  We require that your drains are removed, any incisions and swelling is healed.

If you are needing Post Recovery garments, we offer these in a variety of sizes and styles.  Check with your medical practitioner which items are recommended.

How long do you schedule out an appointment?

We schedule an hour and a half for our new guests being fitted for the first time at our boutique. We take extra time is built in to make sure you are being fitted properly for your items, answer any questions you may have and go over paperwork required for billing. We encourage you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out insurance paperwork.

How often can I get new bras and prostheses?

The majority of insurance companies use Medicare as a guideline for replacement of items. Medicare allows your items to be replaced based on medical necessity. If you have had weight loss or weight gain, your items most likely are not fitting you properly.  If your bras are worn or stretched out, prostheses show signs of noticeable wear and tear, or your items have been lost or stolen, please meet with your medical practitioner to discuss with them about obtaining a new prescription for your items.

I had a lumpectomy, and I don't look symmetrical, is there something to help me feel and look balanced?

Nell’s offers a variety of solutions from foam breast forms and prostheses to silicone breast prostheses. Schedule an appointment with our Certified Mastectomy Fitters to see how we can help you feel and look balanced.

Will my insurance cover items I need because of my Lumpectomy?

If you underwent a lumpectomy due to breast cancer, your insurance may help you pay for the items you need to look balanced.  Please check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage for the items.

You will also need to obtain a prescription from your practitioner for the billable items.

Do you carry swimwear for mastectomy guests?

We carry a wide selection of mastectomy swimwear ranging in sizes from 6-26.

Our swimwear is available all year round and we stock 100% polyester suites, in addition to a variety of separates and tanks.

Compression Wear

Do you fit for compression socks and hosiery?

Yes we do. Our team can assist you with the proper fit for graduated compression socks and compression hosiery.

Do you carry lymphedema sleeves?

Yes, we carry Sigvaris Advance Armsleeve.

The Advance Armsleeve combines the latest fabric technologies with a breathable top band for enhanced comfort making it a leading treatment choice for patients with lymphedema. The Advance Armsleeve features:

  1. A Sensinnov® grip-top to help keep the armsleeve in place without damaging the fragile skin of the upper arm
  2. Thermal control & moisture-wicking properties to enhance comfort for year round wear
  3. Silver ions to help maintain skin hygiene
  4. Availability in Regular and Long lengths
  5. A Plus size option for the upper mid-arm


How soon should I schedule my appointment if I need a wig for hairloss due to Chemotherapy or Radiation?

We recommend you set up an appointment as soon as you feel up to working with our licensed cosmetologists. It may help ease your mind starting this journey earlier to help you see options and feel comfortable with your new look, before you start experiencing any hairloss.

How long should I expect an appointment to last?

We schedule an hour and a half for our guests who are undergoing hairloss due to chemotherapy. Some appointments take 20 minutes, some a hour and a half, depending if you would like to try on hats and scarves.

Can I bring along a friend/relative to my scheduled appointment?

YES! We highly encourage you bring along a friend or family member who knows you well, and can give you honest feedback.

When should I shave my hair if I am undergoing chemotherapy treatment?

This is your personal choice. If you find you want to shave your head, we strongly recommend you use a hair clippers with a 1/2″ guard (#3 or #4). This will leave you with 1/2″ of hair on your head, enough length so the hair can still bend. We have learned from previous guests that this length is more comfortable than a short buzz cut.

We offer this service complimentary with your wig purchase, or for a $10 fee if you do not purchase a wig through us.

Am I able to leave with my wig the same day as my appointment?

If we have the particular style and color you like in stock, you will be able to leave with your wig the same day. Unfortunately, we can’t stock every wig style in every color, and may need to special order in your item.

If you have to special order a wig, how long should I expect to wait?

If we do not have your color and style in stock, we will then special order your wig. As long as the company we are ordering from has your item in stock, it may take upwards to a week or a week and a half.  On rare occasions, if we find the style and color we are ordering in is on back order, we will contact you right away to make additional arrangements.

How often do I wash my wig?

We recommend washing your synthetic wig or hairpiece after 6 to 8 wears or about once a week if worn daily.

Human hair wigs should be washed every 2 weeks or as needed.

Do you offer training for wigs?

Before you leave, with your wig, we will go over wear and care for your particular style. If you purchase a synthetic fiber wig which can be altered by heat (flat iron, curling iron, etc), we encourage you to set up an appointment to bring in your own tools and wig so we can give you a demo on how to style and smooth out the ends.

What can I do if my wig slips around?

Please give us a call. There are certain ways we can adjust your wig to fit more secure on your head. Each guest has a different head shape. We always encourage you to contact us and set up an appointment so we can see how the wig is fitting and help you with a solution to make your wig fit properly and feel secure.

Can we drop off our wig for reconditioning?

Absolutely! For those who wear a synthetic wig, frizzy ends happen by normal wear. Over time, the fiber reacts to the heat of our body, rubbing along our clothing, etc causing a friction frizz. Do not panic, this is something we can smooth out for you. We encourage you to bring in your wig before it becomes too damaged. When you come in or drop off you wig, we will be able to give you an idea how long it will take and how much we will charge. Expect to leave your wig here for one to three days depending on wig condition and appointment availability.

Are wigs hot?

The majority of our guests have mixed reviews when it comes to whether a wig is hot or not. We find it depends on the your individual body temperature, the construction of the wig and also your personal sensitivity. If this is a concern, please inform us at your consultation, we will be able to show you options and styles which will hopefully help you with your wig choice.

Can you alter the color of a synthetic wig?

No, we cannot alter the color of a synthetic wig. The synthetic fiber is a plastic fiber and does not have a cuticle like human hair to deposit color.

Can you alter the color of a human hair wig?

Most of the time, yes, we can. We are licensed cosmetologists and can alter the color of human hair wigs and hair pieces.  We will not lift color or highlight the human hair piece, but can deposit or darken your piece.

Expect a two week turnaround time on wigs and hair pieces.

Check our service rates for human hair wigs under our wig service page.

If I purchased a wig elsewhere, will you work on it?

Yes.You can check our service rates for wigs under our wig service page.

My loved one is undergoing treatment for chemotherapy, can my hair be used to make a wig for them?

This is a question we get quite frequently. Nell’s does not take in hair to make custom wigs for guests. There are many factors and steps taken to make a human hair wig.  An average wig to construct and build takes about four full heads of hair. Additionally, there is a specific process in which the hair has to go through in order for the hair not to tangle and matte up when being washed. On average, a custom wig can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks from final measurement and approval to receiving your final product. This timeline unfortunately does not work for the majority of our guests undergoing chemotherapy.

Scarves/Hats for Hairloss

Do you carry scarves and hats?

We carry a plethora of sleep caps and lounge caps, scarves and hats all in a variety of colors, patterns and textiles. Some of these textiles include bamboo, cotton, nylon, polyester, etc. When choosing scarves for our guests, our focus is on those undergoing hairloss, needing a soft, simple solution. The seasons change so quickly around here, our stock reflects these changes and is always rotating with new styles and inventory.

How do I wash my scarves?

We recommend washing your scarves either by hand or in a lingerie bag on the delicate cycle in your wash machine. Use a non-abrasive or hypoallergenic soap for these items due to the newly sensitive area of your head. Air or line dry, do not put in the dryer.

Nell’s Wigs is a full service wig salon dedicated to discreet and personable service. Whether you need a wig for medical hair loss, fashion, cosmetic, work, travel or fun, our mission is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your style. We will work with you to find your perfect wig.

Thank you for the consultation with Samantha today. I LOVE my wig. I sent a picture to my friend and she thought it was my real hair! Thank you!



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