Highest quality products

Innovative breast forms

Solutions for every woman’s individual needs

Full prostheses for:

  • Post mastectomy
  • All shapes an sizes to match remaining breast


  • Lumpectomy
  • Reconstruction
  • Restore breast shape, body symmetry for uneven cup sizes

Lightweight leisure forms

  • Keep you cool and comfortable
  • Absorb excess body heat
  • Useful during warm weather, sports, lounging and everyday

Contact breast forms – partial and full

  • Attachable form
  • Moves with you and feels like a part of you
  • Attaches securely to body
  • Closest thing to natural breast

Prostheses options and details:

  • Individually sized to match your figure
  • Resemble natural breast tissue
  • Ideal for any woman who desires breast enhancement without surgery
  • Moldable back to hug your chest wall
  • Variety of forms available to help stimulate lymph flow
  • Comfortable forms to be lighter and cooler